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V.A.-Babylon A Fall Down (1991)

Record Date:197X
01-The Jahlights-Right Road To Zion
02-Tony Sexton-Segregation
03-Lizzard-Jah Jah Bless I
04-Jay Boys-African People
05-One Love-The Slave Trade
06-Lambert Douglas-Jah Jah No New
07-Diego & Sons Of Jah-Jah Jah Ital
08-Killerman Jarrett-War In A South Africa
09-Killerman Jarrett-War In A South Africa (Version)
10-Jimmy Riley-Majority Rule
11-Velvet Shadows-Babylon A Fall Down
12-Austin Campbell-The Battle Get Hotter
13-Silvertones-African Dub
14-Velvet Shadows-Wailing Of Black People
15-Sylford Walker-I Can't Understand
16-Viceroys-Rise In The Strenght Of Jah
17-Jimmy Riley-Give Thanks And Praise

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