segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-You Left Me Standing (1969)

01-Rulers-Don't Be A Rude Boy
02-Laurel Aitken-You Left Me Standing
04-Errol Dunkley-Love Me Forever
05-Ethiopians-Owe Me No Pay Me
06-Dawn Penn-Long Days Short Nights
07-Rulers-Wrong Emboyo
08-Clarendonians-Rudie Bam Bam
09-Errol Dunkley-Your Gonna Need Me
10-The Creations-Meet Me At Eight
11-Jackie Mittoo-Got My Boogaloo
12-The Soul Leaders-Pour On The Sauce
13-Carl Dawkins-Baby I Love You
14-Kingstonians-Winey Winey

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