segunda-feira, 31 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Soul To Soul Vol.1 (1980)

01-Barry Brown-Teaching
02-Rod Taylor-Soul To Soul
03-Ranking Barnabas-Whip Them
04-Welton Irie-Chuckie Chuckie
05-George Mckay-Money Money
06-Rod Taylor-More Soul To Soul
07-Carlton Livingston-Class Of 69 & Dub
08-Carlton Livingston-Tribute To Bobby & Dub
Producer:Tad Dawkins

V.A.-Rite Sound Reggae Story (1980)

01-Winston Jarrett-Spanish Town Road
02-Gladstone Star Band-Coming From The Country
03-Eddy Grandson-Jah Garden
04-Gladstone Anderson-Will You Stay
05-The Mellows-Pray To Jah
06-Gladstone Star Band-Give Thanks & Pray
07-Leroy Smart-What Will I Do
08-Leroy Smart-Jah Almighty
09-Winston Jarrett-Crying In The Ghetto
10-Winston Jarrett -Too Much Confusion
11-Winston Jarrett-Humble Yourself
12-Gladstone Star Band-Get On Your Mark
Producer:Gladstone Anderson & Roy Sinclair
Label:Jah Live

domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Reggae Goodies Vol.2 (1977)

01-Love Joys-Sweet Feelings
02-The African Jamaicans-Girl Of My Dream
03-K.C.White-Lets Love
04-Azul & Wheeler-Love Dreams
05-Chosen Brothers-Love Me To The End
06-Root Hangover-Soon Sunday
07-Wanachi-African Rose
08-Junior-Yes Im Gone
09-Chosen Brothers-So Much Loving
10-Wanachi-Black Root
Label:City Line

V.A.-Reggae Goodies Vol,1 (1977)

01-Love Joys-I Belong To You
02-Joe Morgan-Basement Session
03-Wayne Jarrett-African Woman
04-John Clarke-John Brown
05-Jah Carlos-Black Harmony
06-The African Jamaicans-Loving Man
07-Stranger Cole-Capture Land
08-John Clarke-Recession
09-Jerry Hitler-What's Wrong With You?
Label:City Line

sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-New & Old Sounds (1978)

01-The Wailers-One Love
02-Meditations-Do Mama Do
03-Dillinger-Children Of Today
04-Meditations-Woman Is Like A Shadow
05-Delroy Wilson-Trying Conquer Me
06-Ken Boothe-This Is The Time
07-Dobby Dobson-Oh God,Are You Satisfied
08-Burning Spear-Get Ready
09-Heptones-In A Groove
10-Heptones-Pretty Looks Isn't All
11-Jackie Mittoo-Hot Tamale
12-Burning Spear-Rocking Time
Label:United Artists

V.A.-Reckless Roots Rockers (1977)

01-Reckless Breed-Dub Full Of Girls
02-Reckless Breed-Under World
03-The Sylvesters-Explosure
04-Reckless Breed-Roots Rockers
05-Reckless Breed-Chin Chow
06-Soul Syndicate-Reckless Roots
07-Jah Carlos-Prepare Jah Man
08-Reckless Breed-Grand Slam
09-Bullwackie's All Stars-City Line
10-Bulwackie's All Stars-Creation

quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Melodica Melodies (1981)

01-Augustus Pablo & The Crystalites-Bass & Drum Version
02-Joe White-Kenyatta
03-Glen Brown & The Crystalites-Smokey Eyes
04-Rue lloyd-Loving You
05-Augustus Pablo-African Queen
06-Glen Brown & Joe White & The Godsons-Merry Up
07-Glen Brown-2 Wedden Skank
08-Joe White-Blackboard Jungle
09-Augustus Pablo-Java
10-Rue Lloyd-Cheer Up
11-Joe White-Call Me Trinity
12-Joe White-Naked Spectrum

V.A.-Freedom Sound (1970)

01-Larry Marshall-Rome
02-Irvin Brown-Your Love Gets Sweeter
03-The Freedom Singers-Freedom Street
04-Im & Dave-Soul Food
05-Im & Dave-Mun Dun Bu
06-Im & Dave-Midnight Soul
07-Ernest Ranglin-Lee Arab
08-Larry Marshall-Stay A Little Bit Longer
09-The Freedom Singers-Funny Man
10-Jackie Mittoo-Wire Higher
11-The Freedom Singers-Do The Raggae
12-Carl Cannonball Bryan-Freedom Horn
Label:Studio One

domingo, 23 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Battle Of The Giants (197X)

01-Barrington Spence-Diane
02-Heptones-Sweat For You Baby
03-Al Campbell-When The Grass Is Green
04-Delroy Wilson-Love Got Me Doing Things
05-Max Romeo-Still
06-Pat Kelly-Bridge Over Troubled Waters
07-Al Campbell-A Game Called Love
08-Tropic Shadows-Gee Baby
09-Horace Andy-Let The Tear Drops Fall
10-Big Youth-Phillpratt Thing
Producer:Phil Pratt
Label:Total Sounds

V.A.-United Dreadlocks Vol.2 (1980)

01-Ruddy Thomas-Close To Me
02-George Nooks-The Creator
03-Dennis Brown-Vineyard
04-Cornell Campbell-Wise Birs
05-Ruddy Thomas-Memories
06-Dennis Brown-Hooligan
07-Afriques-Cool Mi Black Brother
08-Ferris Thomas-Set Up Yourself
09-Junior Byles-Heart And Soul
10-Marcia Aitken-My Man
Producer:Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson
Label:Joe Gibbs

quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Blue Beat Special (1968)

01-Soul Vendors-Something Special
02-The Termites-Do It Right Now
03-Jackie Mittoo-Midnight Special
04-Alton Ellis-Let Him Try
05-Soul Vendors-The Whip
06-Soul Vendors-Get Whit It
07-Keith & Ken-Groove To The Beat
08-The Termites-My Last Love
09-Soul Vendors-Early Bird
10-Dudley Sibley-Run Boy Run

V.A.-Children Of Babylon (Movie Soundtrack) (1979)

01-Mighty Diamonds-Children Of Babylon + Plantation Blues
02-Harold Butler-Pass The Fire
03-Beres Hammond-Life Is A Rainbow
04-Delroy Wilson-I Want Your Love
05-Pam Hall-I Was Born A Woman
06-Mighty Diamonds-Children Of Babylon Part 3,Dread In A Babylon
07-Cynthia Schloss-Can't Stand The Pain
08-Harold Butler & Lennie Little-White-Slave Lament (Trad.)
09-Mighty Diamonds-Children Of Babylon (Reprise)
Producer:Harold Butler

terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Way Back When (1979)

01-Raymond Harper-Heart & Soul
02-Owen Gray-That Girl Sunshine
03-Johnny Dizzy Moore-Big Big Boss
04-Jackie Mittoo-Dark Of The Sun
05-Matadors All Stars-Bridge View Shuffle
06-Matadors All Stars-Continental Shuffle
07-The Creations-Stand By Me
08-Lascelles Perkins-Please Stay
09-Victors-Me A Tell You
10-Little Roy-Yester'me,Yesterday
11-The Uniques-Secretly
12-Audley Rollins-What's Your Name
Producer:Lloyd Daley

terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Rock Steady Coxsone Style (1968)

01-Winston & Robin-Bad Mind Grudgeful
02-Bennet & Dennis-Puppy Love
03-Cannon & Soul Vendors-Bad Treatment
04-Bumps Oakley-A Get A Lick
05-Sultans-Hip Hug Her
06-Jacob Milner-Let Me Love You
07-Termites-Rub Up Push Up
08-Winston & Robin-Wailing Time
09-Eric Frater-Venus
10-Marshall Williams-Norwegian Wood
11-Soul Vendors-Love Me Girl
12-Winston Holness-You Shouldn't Be The One
Label:Coxsone Records

segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Dread Locks In Jamaica (1976)

01-Jah Stitch-The Killer
02-U Roy-From Pillow To Post
03-U Roy-Natty Hold The Handle
04-Little Joe-Tradition Song
05-Tapper Zukie-Jah Is I Guiding Star
06-Dillinger-The Best Time
07-The Aggrovators-Killer Dub
08-The Aggrovators-Roots Dub
09-The Aggrovators-Hold A Dub
10-The Aggrovators-Tradition Dub
11-The Aggrovators-Star Dub
12-The Aggrovators-West Dub
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Live And Love

V.A.-You Left Me Standing (1969)

01-Rulers-Don't Be A Rude Boy
02-Laurel Aitken-You Left Me Standing
04-Errol Dunkley-Love Me Forever
05-Ethiopians-Owe Me No Pay Me
06-Dawn Penn-Long Days Short Nights
07-Rulers-Wrong Emboyo
08-Clarendonians-Rudie Bam Bam
09-Errol Dunkley-Your Gonna Need Me
10-The Creations-Meet Me At Eight
11-Jackie Mittoo-Got My Boogaloo
12-The Soul Leaders-Pour On The Sauce
13-Carl Dawkins-Baby I Love You
14-Kingstonians-Winey Winey

quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Unity Is Strenght (1981)

01-The Morwells-Keep It In The Family
02-The Morwells-Wicked Man
03-Ranking Dread-Time Get So Hard
04-Roots Radics-Roots Radics Skank
05-The Morwells-Reggae Music
06-The Morwells-We Are In This Love Together
07-Juliet And Grace-Tell Me Why
08-Doreen Schaffer-Welcome Me Back Home
09-Roots Radics-Jah Dill Special
Producer:Delroy Francis
Label:Park Heights

V.A.-Gun Fight At OK Karrol Starring Jah Woosh (1978)

01-Jah Woosh-Free I Soul
02-Jah Woosh-Uncredited Track (Tnt)
03-Jah Woosh-We Must Get Over
04-Jah Woosh-Guide I Protect I
05-Jah Woosh-Live It Up Black People
06-Super Star-Harry Never Worry
07-Super Star-Move Up Hutch
08-Clancy Taylor-Spit In The Sky
09-Clancy Taylor-Monica I Love You
10-The Mexicano-Lovers Conversation
11-Errol Scorcher-Guardie
Producer:Sidney Crooks
Label:Pioneer International

terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Love In The Bush (1978)

01-Hortense Ellis-I Am In Love
02-Maytones-The Girl I Want
03-Johnny Clarke-Golden Snake
04-Ronnie Davis-Tonight
05-Augustus Pablo-Pablo's Desire
06-Ronnie Davis-Tell Me Baby
07-Ronnie Davis-That Life
08-Carlton Manning & Leroy-Not Responsible
09-John Holt-My Desire
10-Hortense Ellis-I Am In Love (Version)
11-Myrna Thousand-Golden Skank
12-K.Murry-Walking Stick
Label:Burning Sounds

V.A.-Crucial Reggae Driven By Sly & Robbie (1982)

01-Errol Flabba Holt-Danger Zone
02-Rolands-Johnny Dolar
03-Derrick Lara-Peek A Boo
04-Bobby Floyd-Love Without Feeling
05-Carlton Livingston-Chalice In Hand
06-Junior Tamlins-Real Love
07-Mighty Diamonds-Pass The Kouchie
08-Dennis Brown-Hold On To What You Got
09-Jimmy Riley-Sexual Healing
10-Sly Dunbar-Unmetered Taxi
11-George Nooks-We're In This Love Together
12-Yellowman-Soldier Take Over
Producer:Robbie Shakespeare & Sly Dunbar & Augustus Clarke & Donovan Germain

segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Best Of Beverley's Records (1970)

01-Bob Marley & The Wailers-Soul Shakedown Party
02-The Gaylads-There's A Fire
03-The Maytals-She's My Scorcher
04-Peter Tosh-Soon Come
05-Ken Boothe-It's Gonna Take A Miracle
06-Bruce Ruffin-I'm The One
07-The Melodians-It Took A Miracle
08-Bruce Ruffin-Dry Up Your Tears
09-Bob Marley & The Wailers-Caution
10-Ken Boothe-Now I Know
11-Peter Tosh-Stop That Train
12-The Melodians-Rock It With Me
13-The Pioneers-Battle Of Giants
14-Bob Marley & The Wailers-Cheer Up
Producer:Leslie Kong

V.A.-Alcatraz (1986)

01-Junior Brammer-Line Up & Come
02-Horace Martin-Watermelon Man
03-Hopeton James-Let Me Throught
04-Ansel Meditation-Vision
05-Rapper Orett-Easy Nu Youthman
06-Peter Broggs-Dance In A Me Area
07-Freddie Mckay-Settle For Me
09-Coffee-Lonely Life
10-Dean Frazer-Double Croft
Producer:The Ring Craft Posse & Blackbeard
Label:Mister Tipsy

domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Klikers (1975)

01-Cornell Campbell-Talking Love
02-Ronnie Davis-Good News
03-Susan Cadogan-In The Ghetto
04-Dave Barker & Ansel Collins-Single Barrel
05-The Admirals-Natty Should Be Free
06-Upsetter-Stay Dread
07-Cornell Campbell-The Mighty Gorgon
08-Ronnie Davis-Maga Lion
09-The Unforgettables-Many A Call
10-Big Youth-All Nations Bow
11-Ronnie Davis-You Got To Come Back
12-Ronnie Davis-Tell Me Tell Me Baby
Producer:Bunny Lee & Lee Perry & Winston Riley

V.A.-Impact! (197X)

01-Hortense Ellis-Woman Of The Ghetto
02-The Psalms-Rolling Stone
03-Tommy McCook-KT 88
04-Lloyd Parks-We'll Get Over It
05-Skin,Flesh & Bones-Do It Til You're Satisfied
06-Jackie Mittoo-30-60-90
07-Augustus Pablo-Dub Organizer
08-Charlie Ace-Country Boy
09-Randy's All Stars-End Dust
10-Augustus Pablo-Too Late
11-Randy's All Stars-Guns In The Ghetto
12-Winston King Cole-Black Magic Woman
13-Jackie Mittoo-Soul And Inspiration
14-Tommy McCook-Harvest In The East
15-Donovan Careless-Be Thankful
LABEL:Universal Sound

sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

V.A.-Reggae In The Grass (1969)

01-Sound Simension-Reggae In The Grass
02-Bob Andy-Feeling Soul
03-John Holt-Darling I Need Your Loving
04-Roy Richards-100 Pounds Of Clay
05-Larry & Alvin-She Will Never Let Go
06-Bob Andy & Marcia-Really Together
07-Larry & Alvin-Nanny Goat
08-Clive Alphonso-Moving Together
09-Val Bennett-Bogie Reggae
10-Delroy Wilson-Easy Snappin
11-The Consummates-Do The Right Thing
12-Sound Dimension-Reggae For Days
Label:Studio 1

V.A.-Strictly Rockers In A Dread Land (1976)

01-Trinity-Natty Dread Travel In A Mini Bus
02-U Roy-Let Love Shine Along The Way
03-Dillinger & Johnny Clarke-Babylon Yard
04-Jah Woosh-Marcus Garvey Words
05-Jah Woosh-A Way You Come From
06-The Aggrovators-Dub Away
07-Prince Jazzbo-Proficy A Fulfill
08-The Aggrovators-Travel Dub
09-The Aggrovators-Long Dub
10-The Aggrovators-Babylon Dub
11-The Aggrovators-Words Dub
12-Jah Stitch-Strictly Rockers
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Live And Love

V.A.-Roots Rock Reggae Vol.2 (1978)

01-In Crowd-Riding High
02-Cornell Campbell-My Country
03-The Mindbenders-Black Beauty
04-The Main Attractions-Jam-Up,Jam-Down
05-Jah Stitch-Love And Harmony
06-Delroy Wilson-Consider Yourself
07-Albert Malawi-A Lonely Walk
08-Sugar Minott-In The Residence
09-King Miguel-Love Of A Woman
10-The Main Attractions-Once Upon A Time
11-Leroy Smart-Miserable Woman
12-Ranking Joe-Think About Tomorrow
13-Wellesley Braham-Never Get Weary

V.A.-Jamaica Today The Seventies (1969)

01-Freddie Mckay-Sweet You Sour You
02-Freddie Mcgregor-Cherry Oh Baby
03-Underground Vegetable-Black & White
04-Underground Vegetable-Joy Joy
05-Sound Dimension-Jamaica Today
06-Roland Alphonso-Way Back Home
07-Horace Andy-Skylarking
08-Heptones-God Bless Whoever Sent You
09-Monty Alexander-Tivoli Garden Theme
10-Alton Ellis-The People
11-John Holt-I'll Be Lonely
12-Alton Ellis-Can't Get Used To Losing You

V.A.-Reggae Time (1970)

01-Winston Francis-Games People Play
02-John Holt-My Satisfaction
03-Larry & Alvin-Your Love
04-Heptones-Tea For Two
05-Carlton & His Shoe-I Got Soul
06-Vin Gordon-Reggae Time
07-Sound Dimension-In Cold Blood
08-Sound Dimension-First Come First Served
09-Larry & Alvin-Snake In The Grass
10-Bob Andy-Desperate Lover
11-The Cables-Love Is A Pleasure
12-Winston Francis-Too Experienced

V.A.-Just My Imagination (Soulful Reggae For Lovers) (1990)

01-Jimmy London-Just My Imagination
02-Lloyd Parks-Loving You
03-Bobby Blue-Baby I Need Your Loving
04-Chosen Few-Stoned In Love
05-Ken Boothe-Ain't No Sunshine
06-Inner Circle-Homely Girl
07-Delroy Wilson-Don't Leave Me
08-Jimmy London-Bridge Over Troubled Water
09-Cornell Campbell-Never Found A Girl
10-Chosen Few-You Are Everything
11-Al Brown-Here I Am Baby
12-Inner Circle-You Make Me Feel Brand New
13-Busty Brown-Just As Long As You Need Me
14-Cornell Campbell-Put Yourself In My Place
15-Ken Boothe-Let's Get It On
16-Pioneers-Papa Was A Rolling Stones

V.A.-Green Bay Killing (1978)

01-Ranking Joe-Peace And Love
02-Rev & Badox & Glen Brown-Can't Run Away
03-Mc Daddy Mikey Jarrett-Youth Man Go To School
04-Tuffest-War Boat
06-Johnny Ringo-Green Bay Killing
07-Tillibengeh-Green Money
08-Jizsy King-Girls Pretty
09-Welton Irie-Wicked Have Fe Run
10-Dennis Alcapone-Woligons
11-Tappa Zukie-Murder
Producer:Glen Brown

V.A.-D.I.P Presents The Upsetter (1975)

01-The Upsetters-Enter The Dragon
02-Sam Carty-I Don't Mind
03-The Upsetters-Cane River Rock
04-King Burnett-I Man Free
05-The Upsetters-Jamaican Theme
07-Leo Graham-Jump It
08-Sam Carty-Life Is A Flower
09-The Gaylads-Have Some Fun
10-The Gaylads-Nature Man
11-The Silvertones-Dub A Pum Pum
12-Linval Spencer-Fu Kung Man
Producer:Lee Perry