quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Sir Collins Music Wheel Vol. 1 (1977)

01-Leona Collins-I Love You
02-Big Dread-Everybodies Music
03-Big Dread-Fire
04-The Brixton Youth-Rockers Music
05-The Brixton Youth-Black Star
06-Collins Music Wheeler-Collins Blood
07-Collins Music Wheeler-Collins Sweat
08-Collins Music Wheeler-Collins Ghost
09-Leona Collins-Carnel Minds
Label:Collins Music

V.A. - The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Showcase Vol.1 (1980) RE-UPLOAD

01-Dan Hudson & The Seers-Baptism
02-Phillip Gilbert-Leave Babylon
03-Louis Griffiths-My Father's Eyes
04-The Visionaires-Message Of His Imperial Majesty
05-Little Roy & Ian Rock-New Song
06-The Creators-Send Us Home
07-Judy Mowatt-Hail Selassie I
08-Jah Lenks-Israel
09-Spliffy Dan & The Heavenlies-Shashemane
10-The Visionaires-Spiritual Wickedness
11-Dan Hudson & The Seers-Don't Linger
12-Little Roy & Ian Rock-My Religion

segunda-feira, 21 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Reggae Masterpiece Vol.1 (1978)


01-Jacob Miller-I Am A Natty
02-Beverley Bailey-I Was In Love
03-Horace Andy-Slave Driver
04-Lloyd Parks-Ain't Too Proud To Beg
05-Sylford Walker-Burn Babylon
06-Cornell Campbell-No Man's Land
07-Scotty-We're Gonna Fight
08-Jimmy London-Am I That Easy To Forget
09-Lloyd Parks-For The Love Of You
10-Lone Ranger-It Won't Be Long
Producer:Joe Gibbs
Label:Joe Gibbs

V.A. - The Best Of British Reggae (1979) RE-UPLOAD


01-Janet Kay-Silly Games
02-Riot Squad-Cheater
03-Tabby Cat Kelly-Tell Me Why
04-Winston Ferguson-Fly Your Natty Dread
05-Richie Djay-Groovin In Love
06-Errol Dunkley & Pebbles-Little Way Different
07-Winston Ferguson-Lovin Pauper
08-Tabby Cat Kelly-Don't Call Us Imigrants
09-The Arawaks-Dangerous
Producer:Riot Squad,Dennis Bovell & Patrick Cann

sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Reggae Golden Classics (1982)

01-Derrick Harriott-Do I Worry
02-Dennis Brown-Lips Of Wine
03-Rudy Mills-A Long Story
04-Derrick Harriott-Been So Long
05-Dennis Brown-Silhouettes
06-Rudy Mills-Place Called Happiness
07-Earl Sixteen-Malcom X
08-Dennis Brown-Concentration
Producer:Derrick Harriott

V.A. - Stages In Life (198X) RE-UPLOAD


01-Dennis Brown-Stages In Life
02-Tony Douglas-That's How It Is
03-Alton Ellis-Jamaican Rock
04-Winston Jarrett-Hard Times
05-Dave Barker-Girl You Got Me
06-Alton Ellis-Mr. Skabena
07-Gene Rando-Running Away
08-Tony Douglas-Live Up Right
09-Noel Ellis-Easy Skanking
10-Copy Contre-Diverse Doctrine
Label:All Tone

quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Reggae Giant (1978)


01-U Roy-Tubbys At The Control
02-Big Youth-Come Into My Parlor
03-Ken Boothe-Good Woman
04-I Roy-Festive Season
05-John Holt-Turn Back The Hands Of Time
06-Big Youth-Opportunity Rock
07-Prince Jazzbo-Bar Tender
08-Prince Hammer-Sugar Down Deh
09-Prince Jazzbo-Mr. Want All
10-Glen Brown-Reggae Melody
Producer:John Holt,Ken Boothe & Glen Brown
Label:Harry J

V.A. - Root Song Book (198X) RE-UPLOAD

01-Earl Sixteen-Sweet Reggae Music
02=Earl Sixteen-Tribulation
03-Ras Lee-Cream Of The Crop
04-Daddy Caddy-Tourist
05-The OLSP Players-Tourist Dub
06-Earl Sixteen-The Don
07-Earl Sixteen-Where Are The Children
08-Anthony Johnson-Sweet Loving
09-The K.C.All Stars-Loving Dub
10-Satta Root-Oh Jah
Producer:King Culture & Dennis Hill
Label:Our Land Sound

terça-feira, 8 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Rasta Have Ambition (1976)


01-Dillinger-Regular Girl
02-Shorty The President-Natty Dread Have Ambition
03-Jah Stitch-Give Jah The Glory
04-Prince Jazzbo-Down In Babylon
05-Dr. Alimantado-Chant To Jah
06-The Aggrovators-Rockers
07-King Tubby-Invasion
08-King Tubby-Stealing
09-King Tubby-Dub Experience
10-King Tubby-Dedication Of Dub
11-King Tubby-A Truthful Dub
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Live And Love

V.A. - Ready Steady Go Rock Steady (1968) RE-UPLOAD

01-Lynn Taitt & The Jets-Soul Food
02-Alton Ellis-My Time Is The Right Time
03-Clancy All Stars-CN Express
04-Carlton Alphonso-Where Is This World
05-Earl St. Joseph-Eastern Promise
06-The Groovers-You Were Meant For Me
07-Clancy Eccles-What Will You Mama Say
08-Tommy Mckenzie & His Orchestra-Fiddle Sticks
09-Monty Morris-Say What You're Saying
10-Clancy Eccles-The Fight
11-Ernest Ranglin-Heart Beat
12-Alton Ellis-The Message
13-Joyce Bond Show-They Wash
14-Lloyd Terrel-Bang Bang Lulu

V.A. - Reggae Flight 404 (1970)

01-The Maytones-Funny Man
02-Laxton & Oliver-Stay In My Arms
03-The G.G. All Stars-Bonanza
04-Lloyd & Robin-Garlin Come Home
05-The Maytones-Billy Goat
06-The Maytones-Loving Reggae
07-The G.G. All Stars-Flight 404
08-The Maytones-Sentimental Reason
09-The G.G. All Stars-Musical Shot
10-Monty Morris-Higher Than The Highest
11-The G.G. All Stars-Funny Girl
12-The Maytones-Bowe-Who
Producer:Alvin Ranglin

V.A. - Herb Dust Vol. 1 (1983) RE-UPLOAD


01-I Roy-Dance Hall Stylee
02-Vinnie O'brien-Heart In Pain
03-The Kingstonians-Jah Children
04-Scunna-Genunine Way
05-Hal Nicholson-Babylon
06-The Royals-Message
07-Forces Of Music-Spooky
08-Gladdy-Black Pride
09-I Roy-Monkey Fashion
10-Zimbabwe Dread-Give Praises
Producer:Roy Cousins

sexta-feira, 4 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Reggae All Star (1979)


01-Phillip Fraser-Come Ethiopian
02-Rod Taylor-Ethiopian Kings
03-Earl Zero-Shackles And Chains
04-Prince Alla-Mama Don't Fight
05-Prince Alla-Sun Is Shining
06-Phillip Fraser-Sentimental Feelings
07-Prince Alla & Phillip Fraser-Come Away
08-Rod Taylor-In The Right Way
09-Earl Zero-Have Faith In Rastafari
10-Earl Zero-Jah Guide
Producer:Bertram Brown
Label:Freedom Sounds

V.A. - Funny Feeling (1976) RE-UPLOAD


01-Dennis Brown-Funny Feeling
02-Augustus Pablo-No Entry
03-Gregory Isaacs-Loving Pauper
04-Delroy Wilson-Is It Because I'm Black
05-Delroy Wilson-This Whole Heart Of Mine
06-Hortense Ellis-Unexpected Places
07-Delroy Wilson-All In This Together
08-The Tamlins-I Have Got A Feeling
09-Dennis Brown-To The Foundations
10-Gregory Isaacs-My Time
Producer:Augustus Clarke
Label:Burning Sounds

quinta-feira, 3 de maio de 2012

V.A. - R.Zee Jackson Presents "The People's Showcase" (1981)

01-Lloyd Hemmings-That Little Woman
02-Ital Groove & R.Zee Jackson-Hammer
03-The Gaylads-Howhat A Situation
04-Sly & Robbie-Money Dub
05-Alton Ellis & Prince Lamont-Jamaican Daughter
06-Barry Brown-Look How Long
07-Slim Smith-81 Beatitude
08-R.Zee Jackson-11;11
09-Jah Smile-Ethiopian Rock
Producer:Herman Chin Loy,Sugar Minott,R.Zee Jackson & Bunny Lee
Label:Beezee Sounds

V.A. - Family Album (1980) RE-UPLOAD

01-Dave Robinson-If You Give To Me
02-Tony Tuff-Love Not To Boast
03-Hortense Ellis-You Done Me Wrong
04-Michael Black-Don't Be A Fool
05-Dean Stone-How You Love Me
06-Dave Robinson-Alligator Tears
07-Tonny Tuff-Down In Rome
08-Dean Stone-Never Met A Girl Like You
09-Hortense Ellis-Jah Mysterious Works
Producer:Hyman Wright
Label:Jah Life

quarta-feira, 2 de maio de 2012

V.A. - Original Wild Flower Reggae Hits (1974)

01-Ernie Smith-Duppy Gunman
02-Pluto Shervington-Ram Goat Liver
03-Ken Boothe-Everything I Own
04-Tinga Stewart-Play De Music
05-Derrick Harriott-Look Over Your Shoulder
06-Bob Andy-Fire Burning
07-Marcia Griffiths-Sweet Bitter Lover
08-Big Youth-Johnny Reggae
09-Lloyd Charmers-Judgement
10-Fr. Richard Ho Lung & Danny Harrison-Sinner

V.A. - Revolution Of Jah To I (197X) RE-UPLOAD

01-Owen Gray-Sincerely
02-Owen Gray-So Sincere
03-Tommy McCook-Youth Man
04-Cornell Campbell-Conquering Gorgon
05-Cornell Campbell-No Good Girl
06-Jackie Edwards-I'm Still Waiting
07-Jackie Edwards-So Jah Say
08-I Roy-Pity Ja-Ja Children
09-I Roy-Teenie Bopper
10-I Roy-Give I Love
11-I Roy-Thinking Cap
12-I Roy-M.C.T.B.
LABEL:Monica's Records