sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

V.A.-This Is Roots Music Vol.2 (1977/80)

01-Roots Locks-She Cries And Suffers In The Ghetto
02-Roots Locks-Wicked Have To Run
03-Revolutionaires-Have Fe Dub
04-Jr.Marshall-Whole Heap Of Gal Ina De Dance
05-Revolutionaires-Simple Tubby's Style
06-Roots Locks-Dis Midnight Rock
07-Revolutionaires-Dub De Midnight Dub
08-Anthony Johnson-Settle Down Lover
09-Revolutionaires-Settle In Dis Dub Mix
10-Jr.Marshall-You Think I Didn't See
Producer:Hubert Morgan & John Rubie
Label:Virgo Stomach

V.A.-Sweet Reggae Music Vol.1 (198X)

01-Roy Reynolds-Too Late
02-Glenroy Sledge-Drift Away
03-Stranger Cole-We'll Meet
04-Glenroy Sledge-Love Vibration
05-Pat Makeda-How Do You Quit
06-Pat Makeda-Lonesome Lover
07-Jackie James-Every Night
08-Pat Makeda-Pick Up The Phone

V.A.-Rockers Vibration (1982)

01-The Ovations-Shy Girl
02-The Ovations-Forever Love
03-Michael Israel-Real Long Time
04-Mikey Dread-Hot Cross Bun
05-Hopeton Lindo-Black History
06-Rod Taylor-His Imperial Majesty
07-Sugar Minott-In This Time
08-Sunshine-Taking The World
09-Earl Sixteen-Mr Dj
10-D.A.T.C. Stable-Freezing
Producer:Mikey Dread

V.A.-Party Sounds Presents Worries In The Dance (1984)

01-Patrick Andy-Life In Jailhouse No Nice
02-Michael Palmer-So Far Away From Home
03-Midnight Riders-Clash In A Rhythm
04-Wayne Smith-Confusion
05-Hopeton Junior-Reward
06-Leroy Smart-Love Is Growing Stronger
07-Hugh Griffiths-There Is A Fire
08-Anthony Johnson-Tribulation
09-Reggae Massive-Version Worries In The Dance
Producer:Kenneth Hoo Kim

V.A.-One Black People (1978)

01-Mighty Threes-One Black People
02-African Youth-Channel One
03-DJ Scarpio-Dread Locks Curls
04-Highlights Of Jah-Freedom Movements
05-Culture-This Train
06-Mighty Threes-One Black People Part 2
07-African Youth-Channel One Part 2
08-DJ Scarpio-Dread Locks Curls Part 2
09-Highlights Of Jah-Freedom Movements Part 2
10-Culture-Garvey Rock
Producer:H.Clarke,African Youth & Paul Davidson
Label:April Records

V.A.-Juicy Mangoes (1976)

01-Gregory Isaacs-The Phillistines
02-Leo Graham-Not Giving Up
03-Starlites-Some A Weh A Bawl
05-Jah Woosh-Natty Baldhead
06-Jackie Brown-Send The Pillow
07-Mighty Cloud Band-Theme From Manchester
08-Max Romeo-Fire For The Vatican
09-Starlites-Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them
10-Sil Bell-You Can Dip
11-Willie Francis-Leaving But It Won't Be Long
12-James Brown-Stop The War In Babylon
13-Larry Marshall-Brand New Baby
14-Winston Heywood-Long Long Time

V.A.-Black Echoes (1977)

01-Bob Andy-War In The City
02-Dennis Brown-Africa
03-Lennox Brown-Frozen Soul
04-Dennis Brown-The Half
05-Junior Delgado-Famine
06-Heptones-Come On Into My World
07-Lenese Linton-Lonely Girl
08-Lennox Brown-Party Serenade
09-Joseph Gordon-Friends And Family
10-15-16-17-Girls Imagination
Producer:Castro Brown,Dennis Brown & Alphonso Small

V.A.-Master Showcase (1980)

01-Michael Israel-Dubbing Master
02-Roots Radics & Steely-Masterpiece
03-Roots Radics & Scientist-Mr Slave Master
04-Earl Sixteen-Jah Jah Is The Master
05-Gilly Buchanan-Money Makers
06-The Ovations-Sweet Inspirations
07-Roots Radics-Door Keeper
08-Sunshine-Who Is The Master
Producer:Mikey Dread

V.A.-Reggae On Tempus (1979)

01-Steel Pulse-Bun Dem
02-Erroll Campbell-African Queen
03-African Stone-Choose Me
04-Blackbeard-Strictly Dub
05-Junior Brown-Jah Find Babylon Guilty
06-Bill Spencer-Sailing
07-Sonny Tom-Movements
09-Erroll Campbell-Rockas
10-Raw-Lili Twill
Producer:Dennis Bovell

V.A.-New Cross Fire Page One (1981)

01-Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers-New Cross Fire
02-Steve Collins & Gary Collins-Shake It Up
03-Steve Collins-Music Machine
04-Steve Collins-Teach The World A.B.C.
05-Steve Collins & Leona Collins-Everybody Knows Me
06-Steve Collins-Better Must Come
07-Steve Collins-Go To School
08-Black Slate & Steve Collins-United We Stand
09-Bob Marley's Band & Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers-Exodus
10-Sir Collins & His Mind Sweepers-Tears Of Fire
11-Sir Collins & The Sunshine Steel Band-Peace & Love 1
12-Sir Collins & The Sunshine Steel Band-Peace & Love 2
13-Sir Collins & Russ Painter-The More We Are Together
14-Sir Collins & Russ Painter-They Shall Not Die
Producer:Sir Collins
Label:Sir Collins Music Wheel

V.A.-Send Request (197X)

01-Voice Roy-Lips And Tongue
02-Voice Roy-Never Give Up
03-Voice Roy-Send Request
04-Errol Dunkley-Trying To Keep Me Down
05-Mehenian Reid-Family War
06-Ken The DJ-That's Life
07-Junior English-One And Only Lover
08-Jackie Brown-Girl You Lie
09-Stranger Cole & Hortense Ellis-Wher Bombo Live
10-John Holt & Dennis Alcapone-Stick By Me
11-Slim Smith & Dennis Alcapone-Blessed Are The Meek
12-Lord Tanamo-Heart Of Stone
LABEL:Lord Koos

V.A.-Reggae Nostalgia Golden Hits (197X)

01-The Eternals-Push Me In The Corner
02-Bunny Maloney-Baby I've Been Missing You
03-Dennis Walks-Sad Sweet Dreamer
04-John Holt-Stick By Me
05-Maria Mudie-Caught You In A Lie
06-Dennis Walks-Margaret
07-Lloyd Jones-Rome
08-John Holt-Time Is The Master
09-Joe White-Pretty Black Girl
10-Bunny Maloney-Lady Of Magic
11-The Eternals-Let's Atart Again
12-Gregory Isaacs-Looking Back
13-Bunny Maloney-Baby I've Been Missing You
Producer:Harry Mudie

V.A.-Music House Vol.3 (1972)

01-The Deltones-Hot Pants
02-Musketeers-Brown Girl
03-The Mellotones-Molly
04-Paddy Corea-Soul & Inspiration
05-Joe White-Ain't Misbehaving
06-Cimarons-Happy People
07-The Mellotones-Haile Selassie
08-Domino Johnson-Summer Time
09-The Swans-Killer Passing Thru
10-The Mellotones-Winey Winey
11-The Mellotones-Build My World Around You
12-The Mellotones-Old Man River
LABEL:Trojan Records