sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

V.A.-This Is Roots Music Vol.2 (1977/80)

01-Roots Locks-She Cries And Suffers In The Ghetto
02-Roots Locks-Wicked Have To Run
03-Revolutionaires-Have Fe Dub
04-Jr.Marshall-Whole Heap Of Gal Ina De Dance
05-Revolutionaires-Simple Tubby's Style
06-Roots Locks-Dis Midnight Rock
07-Revolutionaires-Dub De Midnight Dub
08-Anthony Johnson-Settle Down Lover
09-Revolutionaires-Settle In Dis Dub Mix
10-Jr.Marshall-You Think I Didn't See
Producer:Hubert Morgan & John Rubie
Label:Virgo Stomach

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