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V.A. - Clive Hunt's Ruff"n" Tuff Sho'case (1982)

01-Dave Robinson-Dub Dance
02-Marcia Aitken-What Are Your Reasons
03-Beres Hammond-River Bank
04-Dennis Brown-Lovelight
05-R"N"T Players-Ruff"n"Tuff
06-Lloyd Jones-Rome
07-Horace Denton-Superstar
08-Marcia Griffiths-Untrue Love

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

V.A. - Atra 10 Tracks (1988)

01-Winston Jarrett-Solid As A Rock
02-Chosen Few-I Love The Way You Love
03-Brimstone-Back Weh
04-Jah Mojo-Truth And Truth
05-Prince Williams-Action Wood
06-Clintones-Getting Things Together
07-John Brown-Let Him Try 2
08-John Brown-Easy Dreadlocks
09-Horace Andy-Children Of Israel
10-Brimstone-Don't Let Troubles Get You Down

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V.A. - African Museum All Stars (1983)

01-Gregory Isaacs-Top Ten
02-Diamonds-Wicked A Go Fight
04-Ronnie Davis-Writing On The Wall
05-Gregory Isaacs-Cream Of The Crop
06-Diamonds-Make Hay
07-Viceroys-Brethren & Sistren
08-Ronnie Davis-No More Darling
09-Bobby Melody-Try So Hard
10-Bobby Melody-Got To Be There
Producer:Gregory Isaacs
Label:African Museum

domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

V.A. - Swing Easy (1969)

01-Freedom Singers-Easy Come Easy Go
02-Freedom Singers-Bangarang
03-The Slickers-Nana
04-Freedom Singers-Everything Crash
05-The Cables-Why Can't We Love
06-Winston Francis-Reggae And Cry
07-Roy Richards-Reggae Monica
08-The Victors-Things Come Up To Bump
09-Soul Sam-Light My Fire
10-Heptones-Get In The Groove
11-Lord Creator-Feel The Rhythm
12-Sound Dimension-The Thing
Label:Studio One

V.A. - 20 Reggae Disco Hits (1975)

01-Teddy Davies-Tears From My Eyes
02-Ethiopians-Conquering Lion
03-The Eagles-Don't Look Back
04-Paul Johnson-Something Old Something New
05-Rupie Edwards-Buck Shot
06-Cynthia Richards-Keep In The Family
07-Roy Alton-Kung Fu International
08-Pluto-I Man Bitter
09-Honey Boy-Guitar Man
10-Gregory Isaacs-Open The Door To Your Heart
11-Rupie Edwards-Leggo Skanga
12-Maureen Davis-Angel In The Morning
13-The Heaven Singers-Rasta Dreadlocks
14-Cynthia Richards-Think About Me
15-Pluto-Boogie Bump
16-Jah Woosh-Judy Drowned
17-Junior English-Big Boy & Teacher
18-Roy Alton-I'm Going Home
19-Ethiopians-Better Man
20-The Vaughns-Vaya Con Dios

V.A. - Reggae For Days (197X)

01-Tiger-Soul Of Africa
02-Lloyd Robinson-The Worm
03-Martin Riley-Catch This Sound
04-Glorias Allstars-Jumping Dick
05-John Holt-Some Times
06-Glen Adams-Leaving On A Jet Plane
07-Max Romeo-What A Cute Man
08-Eric Barnett-Bumper To Bumper
09-Maytones-Since You Left
10-Dave Barker-Shock Of Might
11-Neville Hinds-London Bridge
12-Pat Kelly-Tammy

V.A. - Ravers Rock Allstars (Combination One) (197X)

01-Mike Brooks-Money Is Not All
02-Cornell Campbell-Brother Killing Brother
03-Barry Brown-Get No Concentration
04-Pat Kelly-Pride & Joy
05-Dean Stone-Jah Jah
06-Badoo-Sun Sun
07-Mike Brooks-Living My Culture
08-Don Carlos-Have A Nice Time
09-Barry Brown-Bum Ball
10-Pat Kelly-Somebodys Baby
11-Horace Grossett-Keep On Trying
12-Mike Brooks-Dont Leave Me This Way
Producer:Fat Man & Carlton Patterson
Label:S & K

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V.A. - Micron Presents Superstars Vol.1 (198X)

01-Pad Anthony-Give Me The Love
02-Micron Allstars-Dub A Dub
03-Major Worries-Talk Till The Hoarse
04-Leroy Sibbles & Stamma Ranking-Modelling Queen
05-Stamma Ranking-Some Girls Cant Get No Man
06-Micron Allstars-Stama Dub
07-Leroy Sibbles & Stamma Ranking-Come Touch Me
08-Micron Allstars-Come Dub
09-Micron Allstars-Jackie Mittoo Instrumental

V.A. - King Stergraph V's King Atauras Live At Fishworld Club (1983)


Side A King stergraph (Featuring):
Sugar Minott
Jossie Wales
Don Carlos
Mr. Sparling

Side B King Atauras (Featuring):
Mr. Sparling
Little Joe
Colly Amagideon
Ricky Tuffy

Label:Rusty International

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V.A. - Here Comes The Duke (1968)

01-Ken Parker-True,True,True
02-The Techniques-Run Come Celebrate
03-The Techniques-Sweet Soul Music
04-Joya Landis-Kansas City
05-The Termites-Love Up,Kiss Up
06-Soul Lads-Funny
07-Alton Ellis-Laba Laba Reggae
08-Supersonics-Second Fiddle
09-Danny Simpson-Mary Poppins
10-Tommy McCook-Soul Remedy
11-The Techniques-I'm In The Mood For Love
12-Soul Lads-I'm Yours Forever

V.A. - Humble Comission Showcase (1985)

01-Angella Prince-Give Jah Love
02-The Comission-Give Jah Love Dub
03-Reggae George-Armagiddeon Man
04-The Comission-Armagiddeon Man Dub
05-Barry Brown-Outside Girl
06-The Comission-Outside Girl Dub
07-Reggae George-Never Hang Your Hat
08-The Comission-Never Hang Your Hat Dub
09-Angella Prince-Love You
10-The Comission-Love You Dub
11-Barry Brown-The Emperor
12-The Comission-The Emperor Dub
LABEL:Humble Comission

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V.A. - Harder Shade Of Black (1974)

01-Gregory Isaacs-Ill Be Around
02-Santic All Stars-Better Shade Of Dub
03-Roman Stewart-Peace In The Valley
04-Augustus Pablo-Pablo In Dub
05-Horace Andy-Problems
06-Horace Andy-Children Of Israel
07-Augustus Pablo-Columbo
08-Santic All Stars-Palace Of Peace
09-Augustus Pablo-One Thousand Swords
10-Augustus Pablo-Harder Shade Of Black

V.A. - Africa Iron Gate Showcase (1982)

01-Prince Hammer-King In A The Ring
02-Echo Minott-Emilo Bimbo
03-Trinity-Quiete Horse
04-Lee Van Cliff-Chalice And Spliff
05-Prince Hammer-Africa Iron Gate
06-Enos McLoud-Words,Sounds And Power
07-George Nooks-Moses
08-Prince Hammer-Press Along Dreadlocks
09-Trinity-She Is Mine
10-Prince Hammer-Selassie M-16
Producer:Prince Hammer

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V.A. - Whole New Generation Of DJ (1981)

01-Clint Eastwood & General Saint-What About Right Oink!
02-Errol Shorter-Push Baby Push
03-Captain Sinbad-Man Live It
04-Ranking Dread-Jean Green
05-Glen Mundy-Gow
06-Toyan-Special Request To All Isle Vendor
07-Papa Tullo-Girls Of Today
08-Jah Mikes-Can't Take The Running
09-Nicker Smart-Qualified Girls
10-Lincoln Sinbad-Better Your Life
Producer:Henry Junjo Lawes

V.A. - Wild Paarty Sounds Vol.1 (1981)

01-Jah Woosh-Woodpecker Sound
02-Machine Gun Hogg & Co.-Bed Bound Saga
03-Creation Rebel-Prince Far I-Quanté Jubila
04-The Chicken Granny-Quit The Body
05-Alan Pellay-Parasitic Machine
06-London Underground-Dreams Are Better
07-Sons Of Arqa-Asian Rebel
08-Alan Pellay-Demonic Forces
09-Mothmen-Afghani Dub
10-Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells-Things That Made U.S.
11-New Age Steppers-Yipee I Aah
12-Judy Nylon-The Dice
Producer:Adrian Sherwood
Label:Cherry Red / On U Sound

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V.A. - Vision Of Reggae (1986)

01-Winston Francis-I Don't Know Why
02-The Gaylads-Little Candle
03-George Wright-I Love You
04-Cornell Campbell-A Love That's True
05-Teezy-Ghetto Girl
06-Earl Cunningham-What Kind Of Woman
07-Charlie Chaplin-Don't Run
08-The Royals-If You Want Good
09-Copie Copewell-Piece Of The Action
10-Don Carlos-Never Run Away
11-Earl 16-Nmighty One
12-Ken Parker-What Kind Of World
13-Lacksley Castell-Play Games
14-Prince Far I-Survival
Producer:Roy Cousins
Label:Tamoki Wambesi

V.A. - Third World Disco Vol.3 (1977)

01-The Aggrovators-Going Home
02-The Aggrovators-Rockers Style
03-The Aggrovators-Rainy Night
04-The Aggrovators-Binny Goat
05-Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis-Have You Changed Your Mind
06-Jackie Edwards-Tell Me Darling
07-Delroy Wilson-Satisfy My Soul
08-Cornell Campbell-War
09-Johnny Clarke-I Wanna Love You
10-Derrick Morgan & Hortense Ellis-I Do
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Third World

domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

V.A. - Third World Disco Vol.2 (1977)

01-Jah Stitch-Real Born African
02-Winston Wright & The Aggrovators-African Love Call
03-Owen Gray-Canedo
04-Jackie Edwards-The Last Farewell
05-U Brown-Loving
06-Gene Rondo-Why You Do That
07-Big Joe-Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
08-Gene Rondo-Everything Going Up Love
09-Jah Youth-Principle And Dignity
10-Gene Rondo-A Land Far Away
11-Jah Youth-Ain't No Sunshine
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Third World

V.A. - Third World Disco Vol.1 (1977)

01-Leroy Smart-Mr.Smart
02-Johnny Clarke-Ballistic Affair
03-U Brown-Keep Merry
04-Bunny & Scully-Come Under Heavy Manners
05-Cornell Campbell-Help Them Jah Jah For I
06-U Brown-Chalice To Chalice
07-Johnny Clarke-Lonely Street
08-Cornell Campbell-Love And Devotion
09-Prince Jammy-Love Can Conquer
10-Leroy Smart-Show Them The Way Jah
11-Horace Andy-Bless You
12-Leroy Smart-No Love

Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Third World

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V.A. - The Wonderful World Of Reggae (1980)

01-Culture-Zion Gate
02-Dennis Brown-Cassandra
03-Enos Mcleod-Hello Carol
04-Marcia Aitkens-I Am Not A Queen
05-Xanadu & Sweet Lady-Rockers Choice
06-Dennis Brown-Money In My Pocket
07-Dennis Brown-How Can I Leave
08-Culture-Jah Jah See Them A Come
09-Ruddy Thomas-Every Day Is Just A Holiday
10-Joe Gibbs & The Professionals-Rock Party
11-Dennis Brown-Say What Your Saying
LABEL:Joe Gibbs Music

V.A. - Straighten Up Vol.4 (1972)

01-The Groovers-Soul Sister
02-Jerry Lewis-The Godfather
03-B.B.Seaton-Lean On Me
04-Winston Reedy-Breakfast In Bed
05-Cornell Campbell-My Confession
06-Delroy Wilson-Here Comes The Heartaches
07-The Avengers-Life And All Its Dreams
08-U Roy-Black Heart
09-The Avengers-Hijack Plane
10-B.B.Seaton-I Want Justice
11-Stranger Cole-Our High School Dance
12-Les Foster & Ansel Collins-The Man In Your Life
13-Junior Byles-Fever
14-The Clarendonians-Good Hearted Woman
15-Owen Gray-I Hear You Knocking
16-Junior English-I Don't Want To Die

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V.A. - Rave On Brother (1974)

01-William Brown-I'm Alone
02-Delroy And U Roy-You Keep On Running
03-Alton Ellis-Hey World
04-George Ferris-With Every Dream
05-Joncunoo-Rope Of Sand
06-Owen Gray-No More
07-Junior English-Anniversary
08-Alton Ellis-Harder & Harder
09-Joncunoo-I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
10-Ruffians-Roomful Of Tears
11-Joncunoo-The End
12-Joncunoo-When We Were Children

V.A. - Reggae On Tempus Vol.2 (1980)

01-Steel Pulse-Nyah Luv
02-Bagga Matumbi-Sun Is Shining
03-Dennis Bovell-Randrops
04-Sufferer Sound-I A Suffer
05-Erroll Campbell-Jah Man
06-Levi-Put It On The Line
07-Bill Spencer-There Must Be A Place
08-Sufferer Sound-National Front
09-Dennis Bovell-Blood Ah Go Run
10-Sonny Tomm-England Man
11-Raw-Ordinary Man
LABEL:Tempus Records

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V.A. - Moonlight Groover (1969)

01-Winston Wright-Moonlight Groover
02-John Holt-Tonight
03-Joya Landis-Kansas City
04-Tommy McCook-Get Me To The Church
05-John & Joya-I'll Be Lonely
06-Tommy McCook-Second Fiddle
07-Tommy McCook-Soul For Sale
08-Alton Ellis-Breaking Up
09-Tommy McCook-Mary Poppins
10-Tommy McCook-Billy Joe
11-Joya Landis-Moonlight Lover
12-Tommy McCook-Black Coffee
Producer:Duke Reid

V.A. - Midnight Rock Presents Reggae Veterans Vol.1

Record Date:1980-84
01-Anthony Johnson-She Have Fi Come A Me
02-Early B-Visit Of The King Selassie
03-Little John-Say What You're Saying
04-Super Cat-Walk A Ton
05-Triston Palmer-Entertainment
06-Jah Thomas-Friday Night Jamboree
07-Al Campbell-She No Ready
08-Buro Banton-Go Home
09-Carlton Livingston-Any Fool
10-U Brown-To The Bump
11-Barry Brown-Girl Friend
12-Jah Thomas-Seek And Find
13-Sugar Minott-Dance Hall We Deh
14-Jim Brown-Ina Mi Life
Producer:Jah Thomas

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V.A. - Live And Learn Smashing All Stars (1986)

01-Mighty Diamonds-Marcus We Miss You
02-Junior Brammer-Cold Concrete
03-Ansel Meditation-Lookout Lookout
04-Michael Prophet-Come Give Me Love
05-Al Campbell-She Like It Like That
06-Don Carlos-Here I Come Again
07-Mighty Diamonds-I Don't Want Any Crumbs
08-Junior Brammer-Love At First Sight
09-Ansel Meditation-Let's Love
10-Michael Prophet-Easyman
11-Al Campbell-Computerise
12-Don Carlos-Black History
Producer:Delroy Wright

V.A. - Jack Ruby Hi-Power vs. Gemini Discotheque (198X)

01-Hi-Power Special
02-Hugh Brown Special
03-Lone Ranger Special
04-Nicodemus Special
05-M 16 Dub
06-Chopper Style
07-Brigadier Jerry Special
08-Ranking Joe Special
09-Lone Ranger Special Part 2
10-Gemini Special
11-M 20 Dub
12-Skateland Rock
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Jack Ruby

V.A. - Black Star Liner Reggae From Africa

01-Sonny Okosun-Third World
02-Sabanoh 75-Carry On
03-Cloud 7-You Can Make It
04-Bongos Ikwue & The Groovies-Still Searching
05-Sabanoh 75-Leaking Heart
06-Victor Uwaifo & His Titibitis-Destiny
07-Miatta Fahnbulleh-Kokolioko
08-Sonny Okosun-Fire In Soweto

V.A. - Irie Reggae Hits (1979)

01-Dennis Brown-Come On Little Girl
02-Mighty Diamonds-Lovely Lady
03-Culture-This Train
04-Ruddy Thomas & Marcia Aitken-Closer I Get To You
05-Ruddy Thomas-Holiday
06-Marcia Aitken-Danger In Your Eyes
07-Hortense Ellis-I Can't Stand The Rain
08-Earl Sixteen-My Number One
09-Trinity-Slim Thing
10-Lloyd Parks-The Greatest Love
Producer:Joe Gibbs
Label:Joe Gibbs

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V.A. - Best In The Business (1979)

01-Tamlins-Seasons For Girls
02-Jackie Paris-So Much Love
03-Mighty Diamonds-Danger In Your Eyes
04-Delroy Wilson-Worth Your Weight In Gold
05-Leroy Smart-What's On Your Mind
06-Tamlins-Best Things In Life
07-Jackie Paris-There Is No Other
08-Mighty Diamonds-Fools Rush In
09-Delroy Wilson-Come In Heaven
10-Leroy Smart-I Love Jah
Producer:Augustus Clarke