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V.A. - Reggae Various Artists (1976)

01-Buggis-Scorpion Instrumental
02-Buggis-Midnight Dream
03-R.Franso-I'm So Sorry
04-Buggis-Buggis Mood
05-Ronnie Williams-Jazz Mood
06-Roy Shirley-Hear My Plea
07-Owen Gray-Love Vibration
08-Roy Shirley-Think Twice Before You Answer
09-Dennis Alcapone & Ulett-The Answers To My Commandments
10-Fay-Beautiful Dream
Producer:Roy Shirley & Ronnie Williams & Winston Jones & Buggis & Owen Gray
Label:Third World

V.A. - Roots To Roots,Soul To Soul Vol.2 (1981)

01-Lloyd Robinson-Cus Cus
02-Dubwise-Cus Cus
03-Earl Sixteen-Poverty
04-Lloyd Robinson-Lavender Blue
05-Dubwise-Lavender Blue
06-Earl Sixteen-Slave
07-Winston Hussey-Love Is Just A Gamble
08-Junior Keating-African Queen
09-Booker T-A Who
10-Fanna-Tears In My Eyes
11-Dean Frazer-Heavenless

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V.A. - Reggae Chartbusters Vol.3 (1971)

01-The Pioneers-Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
02-Nicky Thomas-Tell It Like It Is
03-Dave & Ansel Collins-Monkey Spanner
04-Greyhound-Follow The Leader
05-Bob Andy & Marcia-Pied Piper
06-Bruce Ruffin-One Big Happy Family
07-Dave & Ansel Collins-Double Barrel
08-Daniel In The Lion's Den-Dancing In The Sun
09-Greyhound-Black And White
10-Dandy-Salt Of The Heart
11-Bruce Ruffin-Rain
12-Desmond Dekker -The Song We Used To Sing

V.A. - Reggae Chartbusters Vol.2 (1970)

01-Desmond Dekker-You Can Get It If You Really Want
02-Freddie Notes & The Rudies-Montego Bay
03-Nicky Thomas-Love Of The Common People
04-Teddy Brown-What Greater Love
05-Desmond Dekker-Pickney Gal
06-Derrick Harriott-Message From A Blackman
07-Bob Andy & Marcia-Young Gifted And Black
08-The Maytals-Monkey Man
09-Horace Faith-Black Pearl
10-Nicky Thomas-God Bless The Children
11-The Rudies-Patches
12-Jimmy Cliff-Vietnam

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V.A. - Reggae Chartbusters (1969)

01-Jimmy Cliff-Wonderful World,Beautiful People
02-Dandy-Reggae In Your Jeggae
03-Desmond Dekker-Israelites
04-Symarip-Skinhead Moonstomp
05-The Pioneers-Poor Ramases
06-The Harry J All Stars-Liquidator
07-The Upsetters-Return Of Django
08-Tony Tribe-Red Red Wine
09-The Pioneers-Long Shot Kick
10-Boris Gardiner-Elizabethan Reggae
11-Desmond Dekker-It Mek
12-The Melodians-Sweet Sensation

V.A. - Original Yardie (198X)

01-Winston Francis-If Holding You Is Holding You Back
02-Devon Russell-Jah Is Watching You
03-Jah Stitch-We Have Fe Talk
04-Peter & Paul-The Way I'm Feeling Now
05-Brent Dowe-What You Want Is What You Get
06-Baba Dread-Ethiopian Going Home
07-Teezy-Wanted By The Massive
08-Earl Cunningham-What Kind Of Woman
09-Jah Lloyd-The Black Lion
10-Derrick Pitter-One Love To Give
11-I Roy-Fashion Monkey
12-Prince Hammer-Yard Man Rule
13-Winston Jarrett-Pyaka
14-The Royals-Promised Land
15-Prince Far I-Jerry Dog Head
16-Junior Reid-Oh Happy Day
17-Charlie Chaplin-Mother In Law
18-Lloyd Scunna Ruddock-Genuine Way
19-The Meditations-Unity
20-Knowledge-Congo Man
Producer:Roy Cousins
Label:Tamoki Wambesi

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V.A.-Live At The Turntable Club,Kingston Jamaica (1975)

01-Dennis Brown-Cassandra
02-Dennis Brown-Rock With Me
03-Dennis Brown-Give A Helping Hand
04-Alexander Portius-Everything I Own
05-Alexander Portius-Love Overdue
06-Delroy Wilson-I'm A Happy Man
07-Delroy Wilson-It's A Shame
08-Delroy Wilson-Have Some Mercy
09-Delroy Wilson-You Keep On Running
10-Big Youth-Santa Massa Gone Ya
11-Big Youth-Dread in A Babylon

V.A.-Grass Roots Vol.1 (1990)

01-Ansel Collins-Big Shot
02-Clive Tennors-Pleasure Ride
03-Kendrick Andy-Natural Doctor
04-Yellowman-Morning Ride
05-Ras Dakarai-I Dont Want To Be A Junkie
06-Mike Brooks-It's A Wonderful World
07-David Jahson-Formila
08-R.D.F.-Chinese Poem
09-Lee Perry-The Zoic
10-Derrick Morgan-Ride The Rhythm
11-Carlton Gray-Baltimore
12-Jerry Baxter-Come With Me
LABEL:L.A. Records

V.A. - General For All General (1983)

01-Little John-All Over Me
02-Barrington Levy-Dances Are Changing
03-Mighty Diamonds-Love Me Girl
04-Michael Palmer-Pauline
05-The Revolutionaries-General For All General
06-Jah Thomas-Ghetto Dance
07-Papa Biggie-Youth Them Have To Grow
08-Midnight Rider-Rucumba
09-Shadow-Jamaica 21
10-Frankie Jones-Wonderful World
11-Barry Brown-Be Careful
12-Yellowman-Adam & Eve

V.A. - Atlantic 1 (1975)

01-Ansel Collins-Atlantic One
02-Starlites-Hold My Hand
03-Ronnie Davis-The Same Folks
04-Gregory Isaacs-I Need Your Love
05-Ansel Linkers-Sitting On The Sidewalk
06-The Tidals-Joan
07-Fitz Major-Marie Song
08-Freddie McKay-Open Up Your Door
09-The Maytones-Sensuous Woman
10-Gregory Isaacs-Don't Go
11-The Tidals-You Don't Know How Glad I Am
12-The Willows-A Me No Trouble You
13-Ansel Linkers-Marry Me
14-Gregory Isaacs-Reasoning With The Almighty
15-The Tidals-Take A Walk
16-The G.G. All Stars-Hurricane Fifi
17-The G.G. All Stars-Musical Coma
18-The Bluebells-Call Me Teacher
19-The Tidals-You Don't Know How Glad I Am (Part 2)
20-The G.G. All Stars-Mama Dee (Part 2)
Producer:Alvin Ranglin

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V.A.-10 To 1 (Super Hits Vol.1) (1985)

01-Johnny Osbourne-No Sound Like We
02-Pad Anthony-In Deh
03-Little John-Memories
04-Nitty Gritty-Zero Their Minds
05-Junior Delgado-Run Come
06-King Everall-I've Found Love
07-Patrick Andy-Computerised
08-Tonto Irie-Come We Just A Come
09-Wayne Smith-It Gets Me Stronger
10-Don Angelo-Get It Already
Producer:Prince Jammy

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V.A.-Unity Is Strength Vol.2 (1982)

01-Barry Llewellyn & The Roots Radics-I Got The Hadle Discomix
02-Bobby Floyd & The Heptones-Need To Belong
03-Delroy Wilson & Militant Barry-I Can't Stand It
04-Ranking King-Trouble Maker
05-Naggo Morris-Love Your Brother
06-Lone Ranger-Africa Land
07-Bobby Floyd & Errol Scorcher-Fall In Love Discomix
08-Winston McAnuff-Change Your Style
Producer:Delroy Francis
Label:Park Heights

V.A.-Jump Jamaica Way (1963)

01-The Maytals-Four Sessions
02-Don Drummond-Green Island
03-The Maytals-6th And 7th books
04-Don Drummond-Looking Throught The Window
05-Harris B.B.Seaton-Tell Me
06-The Charmers-It's Raining
07-The Lester Sterling Group-Out Of Nowhere
08-The Charmers-Long Walk Home
09-Alton & Eddie-Yours
10-Winston Stewart-I Don't Know
11-Roland Alphonso & His Group-Down Beat Special
12-Tommy McCook-Patricia

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V.A.-Love Yard Style (198X)

01-Delroy Wilson-People Are Doing It
02-Horace Andy-Beware Of A Smilling Face
03-Freddie Mckay-Show & Tell
04-Freddie Mckay-Oh Carol
05-Junior Tamlins-Jimmy Brown
06-Eugene Paul-Got To Have Her Next To Me
07-Keith Poppin-Moonlight
08-George Faith-Lavender Blue
09-George Faith-Since I Met You Baby
10-Pat Kelly-How Long
11-Ronnie Davis-Won't You Come Home
12-Tiger-Love Line
Producer:Bryan Thomas & Lloyd Campbell

V.A.-Reggae To Reggae (1971)

01-Bob Marley & The Wailers-Lively Up Yourself
02-Roy Shirley-Jamaican Girl
03-Slim Smith-Send Me Some Loving
04-Lloyd Parks-Tou Don't Care For Me
05-The Groovers-I Want To Go Back Home
06-The Melodians-This Tropical Land
07-Junior Byles-Beat Down Babylon
08-Errol Dunkley-Black Cinderella
09-Lloyd Young-Bread And Butter
10-Bob Marley & The Wailers-Screw Face
11-Rupie Edwards-Solid As A Rock
12-Gregory Isaacs-My Only Love
13-Lennox Brown-High School Serenade
14-Max Romeo-Public Enemy N 1

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V.A.-Love Goes (1980)

01-Delroy Wilson-Love Goes
02-Pat Kelly-It's A Good Day
03-Pat Kelly-You Should Have Known Better
04-Gregory Isaacs-Mr.Know It All
05-Gregory Isaacs-Sunshine For Me
06-Cornell Campbell-Chain Gang
07-Cornell Campbell-Sweet Talking
08-Cornell Campbell-Mash You Down
09-Linval Thompson-Mariguana
10-Owen Grey-If You Need Me
Producer:Ossie Hibbert & Lord Koos
Label:Lord Koos

V.A.-Disco 6 (197X)

01-Dennis Brown-Concentration
02-Cornell Campbell-Confusion
03-Breny Dowe & Ray I-Move Along With Jah
04-Horace Andy-Lovely Woman
05-Tommy McCook-The Eight Master
06-The Revolutionaries-Right Style Dub
Producer:Derrick Harriott & Ronnie Virgo

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V.A.-Your Jamaican Girl (1971)

01-Robert Lynn-Zip Code
02-Larry Marshall-Jamaican Girl
03-Delroy Wilson-Just Because Of You
04-Winston Williams-Still Love
05-Dennis Brown-Going To The Ball
06-Ernest Ranglin-Oh My
07-Im & Dave-Chuky
08-Carl Cannonball Bryan-Cover Charge
09-The Splenders-Sometimes Coffee
10-Winston Francis-Halfway To Paradise
11-Im-Searching Mind
12-The Sound Dimension-Little Green Apples

V.A.-War Zone (197X)

01-Penny Johnson-Kiss And Say Goodbye
02-Penny Johnson-killing Me Softly
03-Baby Rose & Penny Johnson-Tonight You're Mine
04-John Forbes-Dub Me Tonight
05-Cornell Campbell-Keep On Running
06-Penny Johnson-Easy Loving
07-Baby Rose-Nothing Take The Place Of You
08-John Forbes-War Zone
09-Sheila Record-Roots Jamaica
10-Sheila Record-Roots Jamaica Version
LABEL:Monica's Records

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V.A.-T.T.Ross & Friends (1976)

01-T.T.Ross-When I Was A Little Girl
02-T.T.Ross-Everybody Needs Love
03-T.T.Ross-I Ain't Going To Leave
04-Horace Andy-Serious Thing
05-Horace Andy-Love Of A Woman
06-Horace Andy-Just Say Who
07-Cornell Campbell-Don't Believe In Him
08-Gregory Isaacs-Village Of The Underprivileged
09-Derrick Morgan-Lover Dream
10-Linval Thompson-Jah Jah Man
11-T.T.Ross-Boy Was Mine
12-T.T.Ross-My Boy Lollipop
Producer:Bunny Lee
Label:Third World

V.A.-The Magnificent Seven (1978)

01-Jah Walton-The Seed You Sow
02-Big Youth-Love Jah Jah Children
03-I Roy-Ital Dish
04-I Roy-Musical Air Raid
05-King Sighta-Master Of All
06-King Sighta-Shining Star
07-Little Wicked-Sister Sheron
08-Big Joe-Natty Love
09-Jah Stitch-Evilest Thing
Producer:Phil Pratt
Label:Burning Sounds

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V.A.Reggay Roots (1977)

01-The Cables & Prince Jazzbo-Baby Why
02-Tyrone Taylor-Give Me Your Love (Extended)
03-Tyrone Taylor-Jah Take This Burden (Extended)
04-Jackie Edwards-Get Up
05-Ras Midas & I Roy-Trouble Town
06-Carl Dawkins-Dreadful Situation
07-Sheila Hylton-Mellow Mood (Extended)
08-Owen Gray-Untitled (Call On You Baby)
Producer:Harry Johnson
Label:Harry J

V.A.-Rock On (1983)

01-Niney-Blood And Fire
02-Gregory Isaacs & Christine-Rock On
03-Junior Byles-Run Run Run
04-The Hammers-Arms Of Flesh
06-Dennis Brown-Here I Come Again
07-Dennis Brown-Africa
Label:Jah Live

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V.A.-Black & White Reggae Classics Vol.1 (198X)

01-Carlton Patterson & Trinity-It's Raining
02-Dillinger-You Me Love
03-Welton Irie-Come Nurse
04-Barrington Levy-Look How Much
05-Ringo-One Time Ringo
06-Carlton Patterson & Lloyd Parks-Let Me Go Girl
07-Jah Walton-Ital A De Best
08-Carlton Patterson-Pressure & Slide
09-Ringo-Push Lady Push
10-Sugar Minott-Mr.Fisherman
11-Eek A Mouse-Tall Them
12-King Tubby-Psalm Of Drum
Producer:Carlton Patterson
Label:Black & White

V.A-Music Works Sho'case (1982)

01-Mighty Diamonds-Declaration Of Rights
02-Hopeton Lindo-Let's Dance
03-Bunny Maloney-Land & Sea
04-Cultural Roots-Different Style
05-Johnny Clarke-Gonna Love You More
06-Raving Mike-Wish I Could Stay
Producer:Augustus Clarke
Label:Music Works

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V.A.-Antheng (A Tribute To Sleng Teng) (198X)

01-Ibo Cooper-Space Scientist
02-Gregory Isaacs-Cool Lady
03-Delroy Wilson-Give Me Your Loving
04-Bunny Ruggs-Woman I Love You
05-Ibo Cooper-Food & Money
06-Sugar Minott-Dancehall Theng
07-Little John-Worries,Troubles And Problems
08-Horace Andy-Come Dance With Me
09-Dennis Brown-I'll Get Along With You
Producer:Stephen Lee & Trevor Baillie & Pablo Stewart
Label:Sonic Sounds

V.A.-Smashing Superstars (Jah Life) (1983)

01-Jimmy Riley-Majorite Rule For Africans
02-Barry Brown-Don't Do Nothing Wrong
03-Lone Ranger-Travelling Man
04-Leroy Smart-Ethiopians
05-Tony Tuff-Give Me Your Love
06-Barry Brown-Time So Hard
07-Leroy Smart-Warrior
08-Ranking Joe-Wicked Run
09-Leroy Smart-Respect Jah
10-Lone Ranger-Ranny & Lue
11-Barry Brown-Don't Mess With Dread
12-Ranking Joe-Kick Off Your Head

V.A.-Clocktower Classics (197X)

01-Naggo Morris-Flour Power
02-Linval Thompson-Kung Fu Man
03-Diamonds-Carefree Girl
04-Johnny Clarke-Joshua's Word
05-The Upsetters-Silverlocks
06-Jimmy Riley-From The Ghetto
07-Tetrack-I'm Not Satisfied
08-Horace Andy-Delilah
09-Susan Cadogan-Do It Baby
10-The Silvertones-When Knotty Came
11-The Upsetters-Dub It
12-Carl Dawkins-Fire Burning
13-Rod Taylor-Bad Man Comes & Goes
14-Linval Thompson-Don't Cut Off Your Dreadlocks

V.A.-Reggae To The U.K. With Love (1969)

01-The Progressions-Live Only For Love
02-The Progressions-Summertime Rock
03-Freddie Mckay-So Long,Farewell
04-Freddie Mckay-Sunny Sunday Morning
05-Barry Anthony-All Is Need Is Love
06-The Emotions-Love You Most Of All
07-The Emotions-This Old House
08-The Progressions-Fair Deal
09-The Progressions-Are You Ready
10-Freddie Mckay-Tears Won't Help You
11-The Progressions-Ain't That Crude
12-The Progressions-Dum Dum Song

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V.A.-Top 20 Hits (1975)

01-Winston Jones-Baby I Am Sorry
02-Winston Jones-Never Come Running Back
03-Heptones-I Am Crying
04-Valentine Brodie-Life In The Ghetto
05-Nairobi Sisters-Promise Land
06-Keith Weir-Just Because
07-Winston Jones-You Make Me Cry
08-Owen Gray-Rib Di Bim Bam
09-Winston Curtis-Freedom Train
10-Valentine Brodie-Hard Time In The City
11-Big Youth & Heptones-I Am Crying
12-Delroy Wilson-You Must Believe
13-Derrick Morgan-Teach My Daughter
14-Leroy Smart-Get Smart
15-Honey Boy Martin-Worried Over You
16-Derrick Morgan-Babylon Is Public Enemy
17-Ronnie Davis-Jah Jah Jehovah
18-Freddie Mckay & Horace Andy-Talking Love
19-Gregory Isaacs-Sunshine For Me
20-Honey Boy Martin-In A Game
Producer:Winston Jones & Owen Gray & Bunny Lee
Label:Third World

V.A.-16 Reggae Rockers (1979)

01-Jimmy Riley-Majority Rule For Africa
02-Well Pleased And Satisfied-News Carrier
03-The Velvet Shadows-Babylon A Fall Down
04-Linval Thompson-Roots Lady
05-Marie Pierre-Walk Away
06-Matumbi-After Tonight
07-Well Pleased And Satisfied-Barberman Bowling
08-Lambert Douglas-Jah Jah No New
09-Owen Grey-The Greatest Love Of All
10-Ken Boothe-Love Don't Love Nobody
11-Michael Robinson & XLR-Song Of Distress
12-Pancho Alphonso-Bye Bye My Love
13-John Holt-Walk Away
14-Danny Ray-Just Like A River
15-The Jahlights-Right Down To Zion
16-Tony Sexton-Segregation

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V.A.-Joe Gibbs Original Dj Classics (197X)

01-Joe Tex & U Black-Friday Evening
02-Welton Irie-Nice Up The Dance
03-Madoo-Joe Grine
04-Kojak & Liza-Sky Juice
05-Trinity-Three Piece Suit
06-Trinity-Slim Ting
07-Kojak-Green Bay Killing
08-Kojak & Liza-1000 Gal
09-Eek A Mouse-Virgin Girl
10-Errol Scorcher-Under Me
11-Big Youth-George Foreman
12-Althea & Donna-Uptown Top Ranking
Producer:Joe Gibbs
Label:Rocky One

V.A.-Reggae Rockers (1983)

01-Frankie Jones-Give Me What I Want
02-Linval Thompson-Brown Skin Girl
03-Barry Brown-Thank You Mama
04-Cornell Campbell-Conscious Lover
05-Johnny Osbourne-My Little Lover
06-Black Crucial-Mr Vincent
07-Johnny Clarke-Too Much War
08-Johnny Osbourne-Water Pumping
09-Barrington Levy-Youth Man
10-Johnny Clarke-Take Heed
11-Frankie Jones-Last Train To Africa
12-Yellowman-Dem Get Me Mad
13-Don Carlos-Sweet Roots Music
14-Errol Dunkley-The Half
LABEL:Black Joy

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V.A.-Grooving With Bamboo (1971)

01-Im-Tell Her I Love Her
02-Larry Marshall-Baby Please
03-Dennis Brown-Grooving Out Of Life
04-Jerry Jones-Still Waters
05-Dudley Sibley-Time Is The Key
06-Alton Ellis-People Keep Quarelling
07-Supertones-Victorious Love
08-Nana Mclean-A Little Love
09-Soul Defenders-Way Back Home
10-Larry & Alvin-We Have A Net
11-Jackie Mittoo-Dancing Groove
12-Lascelles Perkins-Tell It All Brothers

V.A.-Aquarius Unknown Compilation (197X)

01-Crepe Souls-Let It Be Me
02-Jimbilin-The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
03-Jimbilin-Look At Dat
04-Augustus Pablo-Invasion
05-Jimbilin-Still Yet
06-The Teacher-Soul Vibration
07-Dennis Alcapone-Return Of Sabata
08-Augustus Pablo-You Got To Pay The Price
09-Augustus Pablo-Dunce Cap
10-Augustus Pablo-Iggy Iggy
Producer:Herman Chin Loy

V.A.-Tonos All Star Collection (1985)

01-The Midnight Riders-Youthman Invasion
02-Wayne Smith-Rain From The Sky
03-Wayne Blackstock-Growing Up
04-Frankie Paul-That Love
05-Tono's Dub Mix
06-Frankie Jones-Let Go The Rhythm
07-Don Angelo-On The Track
08-Lloyd Hemmings-False Love
09-Bubbler Ranking-American Culture
10-Steve Knight-Tell Dem Already
Producer:Andrew & Tony Connell

V.A.-Wiser Dread (1980)

01-Sang Hugh-Last Call Fe Blackman
02-Jackie Brown-Wiser Dread
03-Bunny Wailer-Life Line
04-The Itals-In A Dis Yah Time
05-Sang Hugh-Woman Follow Man
06-The Morwells-Reggae Party
07-Jackie Brown-Sheep And Goat
08-The Itals-Don't Wake The Lion
09-The Morwells-Africa We Want To Go
10-Bunny Wailer-Arabs Oil Weapon
11-Jackie Brown-Bearded Babylon
12-Sang Hugh-Rasta No Born Yah
13-The Morwells-Cut Them Down
Producer:Robert Schoenfeld & Leroy Pierson