terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

V.A.-The Upsetter Collection (1980)

01-The Upsetters-Cold Sweat
02-The Upsetters-Return Of Django
03-The Bleechers-Check Him Out
04-The Upsetters-Django Shoots First
05-Lee Perry & The Upsetters-kill Them All
06-The Upsetters-The Vampire
07-The Upsetters-Drugs And Poison
08-Lee Perry & The Upsetters-Sipreano
09-The Upsetters-Black I.P.A.
10-Lee Perry-Bucky Skank
11-The Gatherers-Words Of My Mouth
12-The Upsetters-Tipper Special
13-Lee Perry & Charlie Ace-Cow Thief Skank
14-The Upsetters-French Connection
15-Carlton Manning & The Shoes-Better Days
16-The Upsetters-Freak Out Skank
Producer:Lee Perry

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