domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

V.A. - Original Yardie (198X)

01-Winston Francis-If Holding You Is Holding You Back
02-Devon Russell-Jah Is Watching You
03-Jah Stitch-We Have Fe Talk
04-Peter & Paul-The Way I'm Feeling Now
05-Brent Dowe-What You Want Is What You Get
06-Baba Dread-Ethiopian Going Home
07-Teezy-Wanted By The Massive
08-Earl Cunningham-What Kind Of Woman
09-Jah Lloyd-The Black Lion
10-Derrick Pitter-One Love To Give
11-I Roy-Fashion Monkey
12-Prince Hammer-Yard Man Rule
13-Winston Jarrett-Pyaka
14-The Royals-Promised Land
15-Prince Far I-Jerry Dog Head
16-Junior Reid-Oh Happy Day
17-Charlie Chaplin-Mother In Law
18-Lloyd Scunna Ruddock-Genuine Way
19-The Meditations-Unity
20-Knowledge-Congo Man
Producer:Roy Cousins
Label:Tamoki Wambesi

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