sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

V.A.-16 Reggae Rockers (1979)

01-Jimmy Riley-Majority Rule For Africa
02-Well Pleased And Satisfied-News Carrier
03-The Velvet Shadows-Babylon A Fall Down
04-Linval Thompson-Roots Lady
05-Marie Pierre-Walk Away
06-Matumbi-After Tonight
07-Well Pleased And Satisfied-Barberman Bowling
08-Lambert Douglas-Jah Jah No New
09-Owen Grey-The Greatest Love Of All
10-Ken Boothe-Love Don't Love Nobody
11-Michael Robinson & XLR-Song Of Distress
12-Pancho Alphonso-Bye Bye My Love
13-John Holt-Walk Away
14-Danny Ray-Just Like A River
15-The Jahlights-Right Down To Zion
16-Tony Sexton-Segregation

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