sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

V.A.-Reggae Nostalgia Golden Hits (197X)

01-The Eternals-Push Me In The Corner
02-Bunny Maloney-Baby I've Been Missing You
03-Dennis Walks-Sad Sweet Dreamer
04-John Holt-Stick By Me
05-Maria Mudie-Caught You In A Lie
06-Dennis Walks-Margaret
07-Lloyd Jones-Rome
08-John Holt-Time Is The Master
09-Joe White-Pretty Black Girl
10-Bunny Maloney-Lady Of Magic
11-The Eternals-Let's Atart Again
12-Gregory Isaacs-Looking Back
13-Bunny Maloney-Baby I've Been Missing You
Producer:Harry Mudie

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  1. Hello, would it be possible for you to re-upload this album ? Thx