sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

V.A. - Hot Sweet Home (1976)

01-Dennis Walks-Don't Play That Song
02-Al Griffith-Stand By Me
03-Tony Brevett-Having A Party
04-Wally Brown-Joshua Send Back The Rod
05-Tony Brevett-Just Been Feeling Bad
06-Elaine Winter-If You Loose Me
07-Elaine Winter-Here Come A Time
08-Eustin Gregory-You Are So Real
09-Sydney Smith-De Pan Dem
10-The Scorpio-Poisonous Sting
11-Augustus Pablo-Fort Augustus Rock
12-I Roy-Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier
13-Den Owen-Ringo Don't Take Your Gun To Town
14-Winston Edwards & Natty Lock-Rock As Pain
Producer:Winston Edwards
Label:Fay Music

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